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Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, EPIC Skateboards was founded in 2013 by enthusiast and avid skateboarder, Adam Riley.

Driven by his passion for skateboarding, Adam designed and built his first electric skateboard in 1991. Since then, he has been known as an epic skateboard maker. Fast forward to 2021, Adam and his team at EPIC Skateboards built and released another innovation in the world of skateboarding- "CaseBoard". The CaseBoard was made successful due to its remarkable feature and was considered to be 'the worlds most advanced electric skateboard' (Newswire, 2014), as its high power output for speed, regenerative breaks and portability of being folded into a briefcase. The CaseBoard has received world-wide recognition for its design and functionality. 

The team at EPIC Skateboards are very passionate about creating the ultimate ride so are always upgrading and developing the EPIC Electric Skateboards to the highest possible standards.